Thursday, July 22, 2010

Aunt Teresa

I am very grateful that my sister Teresa (and her dog Austin) were able to come and help after surgery (and for all the ward members who made meals and babysat me before and after she came). The girls had alot of fun with her going on walks and having picnics in the backyard. She brought Texas BBQ with her and it was wonderful! Here are pictures of the week she was with us:
Walking Austin:

Abi walking Austin:

Lauren loves Austin:


On a walk:

Reagan loves 'da'

Abi and Lauren and Austin:

Austin loved Lauren so much that he would let her turn him over on his back:

Reagan checking out Austin's bed:

Goodbye pictures:

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Exciting Moments...NOT!

In April as I was coming home from running some errands I rolled my minivan. I went from eastbound interstate, across the grassy median, into the oncoming westbound traffic. Thankfully no other cars were involved and I was not seriously injured, just some cuts and bruises (Reagan wasn't hurt at all). When you look at pictures of the van I know that we were blessed!
Cut on hand:

During the catscan to make sure that I hadn't broken any bones they found a mass in my abdomen. After a few doctor appointments it was decided that we would do exploratory surgery to take it out. During surgery they also took out my gallbladder because of stones that would cause problems in the near future.
Note: The last picture is of my incision and isn't for weak stomachs
I was surprised to find out that they had made a 9 inch incision, and used 29 staples. I have included a picture so if you have a weak stomach then you may not want to look.

Friday, July 2, 2010

First Tooth Lost

For at least a year now, if not longer, Abigail has been wanting to lose a tooth. For the last two months she has said that her tooth is loose even though we couldn't feel it wiggle at all. Last week she went to the dentist and he saw a tooth coming in behind the tooth she said was loose and he said it was a little loose. While my sister was here they worked on loosening it. Today she was eating an apple and her tooth was really loose. She tried to have her friend pull it out, but he couldn't get it. I then tried and it came out without any problems. I then sewed her a tooth pillow and she is very excited for the toothfairy to come tonight!