Monday, December 13, 2010

Family Pictures

On Tuesday morning we had pictures of everyone taken. Each family wore a different color shirt so that you could match families later. These are just the random pictures. I will post the ones the photographer took last.


On Monday morning a bunch of the adults went shooting while a few stayed with all of the kids. I stayed with my niece Janae and a few others with most of the kids. Here are some shots of David at the shooting range.

Family Reunion

I am going to be posting several posts in the next few days from our Bealer family reunion in August. I waited because everyone took pictures and then we sent them to David's brother Todd who put them all onto discs for all to enjoy. On Monday night, the first big thing that happened was David's sister Katie got baptized. She has downs syndrome and was very excited (even though she doesn't have need, she wanted to be like her nieces and nephews that were getting baptized). These are some of my choices from the baptism.