Monday, November 19, 2012


Halloween this year,
Abi wanted to be 'hit by a car'

Lauren was a blue M&M

Reagan was Dorothy from the wizard of OZ

Brooke was a unicorn.

Bug Pinning

Abi had an assignment in class to collect 15 insects and freeze them.  When the time came to pin them, the parents were invited to watch and help in the project.  Even though she made faces in the beginning, it turned out that she wasn't scared to touch most of the bugs and she helped her classmates also.

A visit from Uncle Jon and Aunt Janet

In September we got short notice that Davids brother Jon and his wife Janet would be coming and staying a night with us.  The girls had so much time playing.  It was nice to visit.  Family is wonderful!

Civil War Days

Abigail is in the MATS program and her class was in the Civil War Days here in Danville.  Her teacher made costumes for everyone and she got to play the part of a student in a classroom.  She looked so cute.